New Year, New Site, New Projects

New year

I'm not typically one to make New Year's resolutions. My personal perspective is that if you want to make a change, set a goal, accomplish or plan something, the time to do it is whenever you have the idea, not in response to an arbitrary date on an arbitrary calendar. 

January 1st is sort of a weird date to set as New Year's Day anyway... I mean, why not choose a celestial event or change of season to mark a new year? An equinox or solstice would make more sense.

This year however, by chance, a whole bunch of changes, projects and announcements I have planned happen to line up with the start of a new year.

New Website

First of all, if you've ever visited my site before, you might notice that things look a little different around here. I've decided to move things over to SquareSpace and I'm loving the new features they provide and the simplicity of designing with them. I'd recommend it if anyone is in the market for a new web design platform!

My music and writing are both linked on this site, but for quick access to my music, head to and for quick access to my writing, head to

New blog

I've made this "resolution" before, so I can't promise I'll stick with it, but part of the reason I switched to SquareSpace is because I really like their blogging apps and platform. This year, I'm hoping to share more regularly on the blog and make the content a little more personal.

I've always wanted to share travel stories, provide a behind-the-scenes look at my design process when writing, performing or recording and offer up anything I learn along the way for other travellers, writers and musicians. This is where I'm hoping to collect that stuff.

Check back regularly, join my new mailing list, or click the RSS button to receive updates whenever I post to the blog. I'm hoping to post a story, article, thought or update once or twice a month.

new projects

I have a whole bunch of new projects that have either been newly completed or are slated for completion this year.

New Music

I've just completed recording and mastering all 292 tracks of my new "Irish Set Dances" albums. This is a resource for Irish dancers in order to practice set dances and traditional sets for Irish dance competition. Each set dance is recorded with fiddle and guitar at multiple speeds for varied practice. 

These tracks are available on my store, iTunes, Spotify, CDBaby, GooglePlay, Amazon and a host of other music purchasing and streaming sites. Click on the image to find your set dance or set dances now!


New Novella

I'm nearly finished a new novella which will be coming soon to print and e-readers in 2017.

After her death, a young girl's spirit must come to terms with the loss of her body while finding the power to save a man wrongfully accused of her murder.

Forced to relive the painful events following her death again and again, will she be driven to madness by her desire to bring her murderer to justice? Or will she come to accept her fate and leave behind the last remnants of her mortal life?

Based on a traditional Celtic/Norse folk ballad, The Dreadful Wind and Rain is a supernatural tale filled with mystery, suspense and fantasy. 


New Novel

I bet you think I forgot that I'm working on not one but two series right now! 

I haven't forgotten and in fact, Wayfaring Stranger, the sequel to Ain't No Grave should be completed in the second half of 2017. The first draft is well on its way despite occasional breaks to work on other projects that interest me. 

In addition, the continuation of The Luthier is also in the planning stages and I'm hoping to release that novel in 2018.

...And more

2016 was a hugely productive year for me and offered a great deal of inspiration through work, travel, music and writing. I'm hoping to carry that momentum and inspiration into the new year and accomplish even more.

I'm looking forward to releasing another Irish dance practice album this spring featuring reels, jigs, slip jigs, hornpipes and treble jigs at competition speeds.

I'm hoping to complete an additional novella, Love in an Elevator, at some point this year

Finally, I'm hoping that I'll have more opportunities to travel more of the world, finding adventures and inspiration near and far.

Thanks for joining in, following along and supporting me in all of these endeavours.

Stay in touch and I'll keep you posted.

Have an excellent 2017!