When a medical emergency causes a plane to make an emergency landing at an isolated northern Canadian airfield, a single survivor is left to piece together the events that found him unconscious and alone in the medical centre of a recently abandoned ghost town.

Naked, sick and hungry, he must use his knowledge and skill to survive the sub-arctic winter and uncover the secrets of the town's final days.

His revelations will lead him on a quest to seek redemption and help the scattered survivors of a terrible disaster.

“S.A. Softley has created a psychological, dark story with Ain’t No Grave. It has a mixture of different genres thrown in and it was an interesting read. The main character goes through a disturbing, hard journey as he tries to survive... It will appeal to fans of horror, dystopian and apocalyptic books... A unique angle to a traditional post apocalypse novel”
★★★★★ - Samantha Gregory, Readers’ Favorite